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30th Sep 2014, 10:20 PM

Bonus page (uploaded 11.30.2015), introducing the main character as well as the world he lives in.

Yay wall of text! :P


Edit (02.07.2019):

Altered this page, now it's introducing another main character, Alph's father Reed. Also, to better present the overall tone of Kordinar 25000, Alph's carefree attitude needed to be balanced out with something more serious and grim- Reed's concerns about the future.

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28th Feb 2017, 11:52 PM

I love how happy Alph looks on this page :D

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1st Mar 2017, 11:38 AM

The great times back then, where he didn't have to worry ...about anything.

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19th Jul 2017, 12:44 AM

Love it:) Looking forward to reading it

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19th Jul 2017, 2:13 PM

Cool :D
..soon you'll also get the chance to "enjoy" Alph's entire talk, full length ;)

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2nd Jan 2019, 2:29 PM

Ah, 15 years prior to story starting? =)

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5th Jan 2019, 2:17 AM

Almost ;)

15 Kordinar years (which are like just three earth years) prior to world ending. Maybe.

(You've started reading :D Welcome on board :)) )

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